This review of Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach, Amy Goldmacher's 5-Step DIY Writing Retreat Planner wasn't planned. I saw her post about it on Instagram and thought it was a great idea that writers who follow me could use.

I bought the DIY Writing Retreat Planner at full price and am not getting anything in return for posting about it. It just happens to dovetail perfectly with my mission to help writers achieve their writing and publishing goals as quickly as possible. I feel writing retreats, in any form, are the best way to do that.

The Review

Amy does a great job of breaking down each aspect of planning a writing retreat, whether you're going solo, taking friends, or planning for a group. She includes:

  • A 5-step checklist process that gets you super clear, super fast on your ideal retreat

  • Example responses

  • Key considerations for fine-tuning your retreat

  • Two example schedules 

  • A matrix for comparing options 

  • Tips for scaling your solo retreat into a group retreat or for leading a retreat 

  • A shoppable list of travel & writing retreat must-haves 

  • BONUS: What to do if you get stuck while writing 

  • A shoppable recommended retreat reading list

I feel that it's definitely worth the $17. Click this link, 5-Step DIY Writing Retreat Planner, to find out more about the planner.

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