That last chapter of your WIP has been staring at you from your laptop while you contemplate the various ways to tie up the ending. Or maybe you’re in the thick of the story and aren’t sure how to move the plot forward. If you had more than a few minutes or an hour each day to write, you might make some progress. 

The idea of a writing retreat has been in the back of your mind. But, will it really help you break through your writing struggles?

After asking around in your writing groups and Googling “writing retreats,” maybe you’re warming up to the idea of making time for one, but you’re still not sure what you’ll get out of it.

Here are the ways a writing retreat can boost your creativity and your output:

1. When you’re surrounded by other creative people,or just away from your usual crowd, the variety of conversations can spark new ideas or a new way of looking at something.

2. Being out of your day to day environment gives you a fresh perspective that can clear writer’s block or give you ideas for that ending you’ve been stressing over. Your mind is free to wander without the usual daily distractions and demands.

3. Dedicated writing time is probably the biggest benefit of a writing retreat. Think of how much writing you could get done if you didn’t have household chores, carpooling duties, work and just the constant demands of life? When you take a one or two week break or even a weekend where you focus just on writing, you’ll be amazed at how much you will get done.

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