You’re all set. The venue is booked, you have each day of the writing retreat mapped out to maximize your guests’ experience, the registration page is live, and people are signing up!

Congratulations on getting to this stage. After the last few months of non-stop planning and preparation, you can finally give yourself a little breathing room. But, don’t take too much of a break. The next phase is just beginning.

Here are some tips on nurturing your writing retreat guests before the writing retreat date arrives.

Have Conversations

You're bringing a group of strangers together, so conversations in a private Facebook group or on Zoom calls where everyone can meet and learn more about each other would help people feel comfortable ahead of time.  

This is also a good way to answer any questions at one time instead of people emailing you individually.

Social media

The private emails or Facebook group is great for creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests before the writing retreat, but social media is also a great way to keep in touch with your guests before your writing retreat. 

When you send them their registration confirmation, include the links to all of your social media platforms and encourage them to follow you there. Return the favor by following them and engaging regularly with them.

By doing these simple things, once everyone is gathered at your writing retreat, you will have already created a friendly and supportive community for your writers.

Your turn

What would you add to this list of creating a community with your writing retreat attendees?

Check out the resources of for planning and hosting a writing retreat on our sister site, Plan A Writing Retreat.

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