Have you been thinking about hosting a writing retreat, but aren’t sure where to start? Before you get into the finer details, you need to make some foundational decisions that will guide the rest of your planning.

  • What is the maximum number of guests?
  • Where will you hold the writing retreat?
  • How long do you want your writing retreat to be?
  • Will you have a genre-focused retreat or open to any writer?
  • Will you have speakers or workshops?
  • Are you offering one-on-one or group critiques?
  • Will you arrange transportation to/from airport or train station?
  • Will you have excursions or tours?
  • How will free time be arranged each day?

These are the top tier logistical questions you need to answer before planning the next level of detail. As you're planning your retreat, think of what else you’d add to this list.

Check out the resources of for planning and hosting a writing retreat on our sister site, Plan A Writing Retreat.

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