You've made the decision to carve out time for yourself and your writing. That's the easy part. Now, how do you find a writing retreat that will inspire, motivate, and support you to tell your best story?

Take the following into consideration and you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect writing reterat for you.

Your budget

When planning how much you can spend on a writing retreat, make sure to factor in all of the details. Things to consider are air fare; transportation to/from an airport if applicable; costs of excursions; and meals.

If you’re comparing a few retreats make sure to account for what is and isn’t included. One retreat may have a cheaper initial cost, but adding in daily meals, excursions, or transportation fees may increase your total cost.

Your time constraints 

How much time you can spend away and what times of year are easiest for you to escape for a few days or a few weeks?.

If you know you’re going to be extremely busy, don’t try to cram a writing retreat in just because you think you’ve found the perfect one. You’ll be stressed and you won’t get any of the benefits you should from a writing retreat.


Make sure the writing retreat you choose has the type of weather or temperature you’ll be comfortable with during the time of the retreat. Also consider if it’s in an area that will be conducive to your writing. If too little noise disturbs your process, choose a less remote or secluded area. If the hustle and bustle of a busy town drives you to distraction, that mountain top retreat might just be the thing for you.

Structure and Activities

If you need a plan to get into the writing groove, look for writing retreats that have a more structured day. Just be careful not to sacrifice your free writing time. You don’t need to participate in every workshop or group activity.

Your Goals

Do you feel like you need more writing craft help? Look for retreat with workshops or one-on-one sessions with the instructor/book coach. If you're interested in pitching an agent, there are retreats that include guidance from experts. There are many specialty writing retreats that cater to specific genres. Whatever your main purpose for attending a writing retreat, check carefully to make sure the ones you're looking at will meet your needs.

Your turn

What else would you add to this list when determining what writing retreat to attend?

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