When I got the idea for the Writing Retreat Directory, I talked with other people in my business network about the pros and cons of having the directory list other types of writing events like workshops and conferences or even other types of retreats, such as yoga or scrapbooking.

On the plus side, it would mean we could cater to more people who were looking for time away to write or for other activities. And, as one business coach pointed out to me, more types of listings expanded my revenue potential.

Staying True to Myself

But it didn’t feel right to me. Of course, I want the Writing Retreat Directory to make money. We won’t be in business very long if I didn’t! But, after listening to many different voices, I had to ultimately listen to my own.

We made a decision early on to focus on writing retreats and the people who host them because we don’t want to be distracted from our mission of helping hosts create the best retreats for their audience and for writers to find the perfect retreat for them.

As this site grows, we’ll be adding more business tips and ideas for hosts to make this a truly one-stop place for them to learn about hosting profitable retreats and putting their skills to work by listing them.

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