We are thrilled to announce that the Writing Retreat Directory is now live. In the next phase, beta testing, we’ll have writing retreat hosts use the site at no cost and give us feedback on the features and ease of use.

We’ll explain how someone can apply to be a beta tester at the end of this post. First, we want to show you how the Writing Retreat Directory will benefit writing retreat hosts and writers. 

Writing Retreat Hosts Advertise Your Retreat

You’ve done the hard work of creating your writing retreat, now let us help you advertise it. Writers will be able to easily filter by genre, dates, locations, and other categories so your directory listing will attract those who are most interested in your retreat.

Using images, vibrant descriptions, and the many field options, you'll be able to create retreat listings that writers will want to click on and find out more.

Writers Find The Perfect Writing Retreat Quickly and Easily

Are you trying to finish writing that book or chapter? Or maybe you need a place where you can focus 100% of your time on plotting out the next stories in your series. Whether you’re a seasoned writer, or just starting, writing retreats are the perfect way to take time for yourself and let your creative juices flow.

Using filtered searches, you'll be able to find a writing retreat that inspires, motivates, and inpsires you to tell your stories...your way.

If you’re a Writing Retreat Host who wants to list their writing retreat for free to test out our features and give feedback, sign up for the Essentials level and get started for free today. After you sign up, you'll get a welcome email with next steps and helpful resources.



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