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Looking for a great writing retreat in Canada in 2024? Here are two to check out.

Still Water -Release Your Inner Writer,  Ontario, Canada, June 7 - 9, 2024

Immerse in a transformative weekend of calm, creative expression with award-winning writer Lauren Carter and writer and physiotherapist Anita Allen. Held on a historic twelve-acre property full of gardens, lake views, and tranquil walks, this retreat offers sessions about grounding and nervous system regulation alongside playful, profound writing workshops focused on fiction and creative non-fiction.

Relax in century-old Edgar House’s sunroom as you write within a circle of co-regulating support. Consider your memoir or novel from a seat on the dock or while walking the forest labyrinth. Go home nurtured, inspired, and with new awareness of how to enter your writing with a deeper sense of safety.

More details at this link - Still Water - Release Your Inner Writer

Spring Thaw Writing Retreat, Ontario, Canada, June 7 - 9, 2024

This is a weekend for folks who want to escape the city, snip the ties on their responsibilities and create some beautiful, focused time to write. We’ll gather at a barrier-free, 600-acre property in the deep woods. In silence and in laughter, in circles and all alone, we’ll find words and sentences to move our stories out into the world.

Our time will be a mix of writing workshops, group meals, free time, with luxurious silent writing periods on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. We’ll wrap up on Sunday after lunch, between 1-2pm.

Participants may have projects on the go, or may simply arrive with big open hearts and the desire to create.

More details at this link - Spring Thaw Writing Retreat

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