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Is a writing retreat in Ireland on your bucket list? Here are some to check out.

Discovery Travel Writng Retreat, Donegal, Ireland, May 20 - 26, 2024

This retreat offers practical workshops on the art of travel writing plus a special focus on travel photography, a combination often required by magazine, newspaper and travel website editors.

This retreat is for those who love travel and enjoy writing account of their adventures for family and friends; who already host their own travel blog and want to improve its quality and reach; those interested in launching their own travel blogs; and those who would like to write articles for travel outlets or expand their existing portfolio.

Fee includes all writing classes, guest author appearances, accommodation in single, ensuite rooms and breakfast for six nights; local culture and language introduction; music concerts; island boat ride and guided walk along the beautiful hills, lakes and rugged coastline of west Donegal with Wild Atlantic Way lunch; local food tasting in a thatched cottage; and a visit to an old Irish castle.

More details at this link - Discovery Travel Writing Retreat

Ireland Writing Retreat, Ring of Kerry, June 9 - 13, 2024

A generative and restorative writing immersion in County Kerry, Ireland with acclaimed novelist, memoirist and TEDx speaker, Carolyn Dawn Flynn, and writer and poet extraordinaire Jona Kottler

This writing retreat is part immersion (you will generate amazing pages!) and part inspiration for writers at any stage of their journey. You will get mentored craft support and vision-making for your pages. And you’ll gain inspiration and personal transformation from the soul-stirring scenery of Ireland’s sparkling green mountains and wild blue sea.

Let a country that reveres its storytellers embrace you as you immerse yourself in the magical ring of Kerry for five days and four nights of inspiring craft talks, mentored support and a vibrant writer community. 

More details at this link - Ireland Writing Retreat on the Ring of Kerry

Write from Anywhere: Ireland, August 13 - 20, 2024

Imagine swapping your summer slump for a symphony of birdsong. Sunlight streams through your window, revealing a breathtaking vista of the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. Lush green hills unfurl beneath a clear sky, offering a haven of tranquility far removed from the everyday. Breathe in the crisp air, invigorating your senses and clearing your mind.

This isn't just a dream escape – it's your reality at Write From Anywhere: Ireland. Join a transformative retreat designed exclusively for scholar-women, where you'll forge meaningful connections, reignite your writing passion, and delve deep into your research amidst the emerald magic of Ireland.

Write From Anywhere is an intimate, transformative *women-only* retreat. It is designed to create a community of high achieving women like you who are scholars, academics, and scholarpreneurs, providing the space and support needed to achieve your goals. With rotating international locations, we aim to support women in your work and in your adventurous spirit.

More details at this link - Write from Anywhere - Ireland

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