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If you're able to plan on short notice, here are some writing retreats coming up this June.

The Writer's Way on a Pilgrim Path- Leon, Spain, June 1 - 12, 2024

Join us for a soulful 10-day writing retreat in Northern Spain. With uninterrupted time away from the demands of daily life, discover and explore the stories deep within. Along with an intimate circle of fellow companions, experience two powerful and natural meditation practices: free flowing words and and optional opportunity to try your hand at preparing and painting with natural earth pigments. Inspire the creative imagination and tap more deeply into where we are, and who we are, on this powerful and ancient pilgrimage road.

You’ll be putting your feet on the ground, literally and metaphorically, moving forward each day into something unexpected, eventually writing whatever it is you have come here to write. The writer as pilgrim lays herself open to the moving landscapes within, and the gifts that await.

More details at this link -The Writer's Way on a Pilgrim Path

Write from Anywhere - Mexico City, June 2 - 9, 2024

Struggling with summer distractions, procrastination, or isolation in your academic writing? Discover a writing retreat where productivity meets adventure!

Crush your summer writing goals amidst the energy and inspiration of Mexico City. Break free from isolation and connect with a supportive community of fellow writers. Unlock your best writing yet with expert coaching during and after the retreat

Write From Anywhere: Mexico City offers a transformative writing retreat unlike any other. Escape the confines of your usual writing space and embrace a journey of productivity, inspiration, and cultural exploration in this week-long writing retreat.

More details at this link - Write from Anywhere - Mexico City

Still Water -Release Your Inner Writer,  Ontario, Canada, June 7 - 9, 2024

Immerse in a transformative weekend of calm, creative expression with award-winning writer Lauren Carter and writer and physiotherapist Anita Allen. Held on a historic twelve-acre property full of gardens, lake views, and tranquil walks, this retreat offers sessions about grounding and nervous system regulation alongside playful, profound writing workshops focused on fiction and creative non-fiction.

Relax in century-old Edgar House’s sunroom as you write within a circle of co-regulating support. Consider your memoir or novel from a seat on the dock or while walking the forest labyrinth. Go home nurtured, inspired, and with new awareness of how to enter your writing with a deeper sense of safety.

More details at this link - Still Water - Release Your Inner Writer

Ireland Writing Retreat, Ring of Kerry, June 9 - 13, 2024

A generative and restorative writing immersion in County Kerry, Ireland with acclaimed novelist, memoirist and TEDx speaker, Carolyn Dawn Flynn, and writer and poet extraordinaire Jona Kottler

This writing retreat is part immersion (you will generate amazing pages!) and part inspiration for writers at any stage of their journey. You will get mentored craft support and vision-making for your pages. And you’ll gain inspiration and personal transformation from the soul-stirring scenery of Ireland’s sparkling green mountains and wild blue sea.

Let a country that reveres its storytellers embrace you as you immerse yourself in the magical ring of Kerry for five days and four nights of inspiring craft talks, mentored support and a vibrant writer community. 

More details at this link - Ireland Writing Retreat on the Ring of Kerry

If you're looking for retreats with different locations or dates, check out all the writing retreats on the Writing Retreat Directory.






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