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September is the perfect time of year to attend a writing retreat!

Kalymnos Writers' Festival, September 8 - 14, 2024

Celebrate the craft of narrative, learn the tools for weathering uncertainty in the creative process, and meet a group of fellow writers who will support and learn from each other with the great company and guidance of seasoned writers and storytellers in the stunning and storied landscape of Greece.

Your instructors will include Booker-longlisted author, Niall Williams, and Moth Storyteller and podcast host, Terence Mickey.

A one-day workshop lead by Moth storyteller Terence Mickey and The Bear’s Ben McGuire in which you will be guided towards finding your voice and preparing and sharing a story live around the evening’s fire. The workshop will cover the principles of story structure, how to mine your personal life for stories, pacing, performance techniques and stage presence.

More details at this link - Kalymnos Writer's Festival

Deep Writing Retreat, September 12 - 17, 2024

Are you longing for dedicated time and space to work on your writing? Come to a Gulf Island and create!

This retreat will offer writers time and space to work on their chosen writing project in an inspiring and supportive setting. Writers will be encouraged to dive deeply and joyfully into their creative process.

Daily writing sessions will take place in the mornings and some afternoons and will include helpful lessons (on writing craft, story development, cultivating a meaningful writer’s life, etc.) and lots of time to write.

In the spirit of creating a safe, encouraging environment for writers to deepen their process and make progress on their individual projects, works-in-progress will not be shared or critiqued in a group setting. One evening may be devoted to author readings, but participation will be optional.

The intention of this retreat is to provide a nurturing atmosphere for dedicated writers who are: Ready to refine their connection to the creative process. Open to having creative conversations with other writers. Longing for a break from their usual routine. Wishing for a breakthrough in their writing process.

More details at this link - Deep Writing Retreat

Guanajuato Writing Retreat, September 22 - 29, 2024

Come to beautiful, bold Guanajuato, Mexico, for a full-week of replenishment, creative and personal exploration, and, what any writer craves: inspiration and time to write.

Stay at The Florecer Casitas, where you won’t be able to resist the invitation to nourish your body and invigorate your senses with the vibrancy of this gorgeous colonial city. Leave feeling restored and inspired, in touch with the boldness you wish to carry with you into the next stage of your personal and creative voice.

This retreat is for writers seeking time, space and creative innovation for their own work, and the chance to create a supportive writing community in a home-away-from-home environment. Mornings will include activities to foster creativity and self-exploration (mindfulness meditation, creative prompts, and process group time for exploring our internal landscapes and encouraging ourselves to understand/explore sides of ourselves often unseen).

During the day, you will have plenty of time to write, as well as explore and be inspired by Guanajuato’s colorful sights, sounds and its mix of historic and present-day Mexico. Excursions and activities will correspond to that day’s themes for self-exploration and writing. In the evenings, we will deepen our connections through meals, conversation, and the opportunity to share or workshop our day’s writing. Your experiences will culminate in a public reading shared with local writers.

More details at this link - Guanajuato Writing Retreat

Shadows & Secrets Writing Retreat, Salem, MA September 25 - 29, 2024

Shadows and Secrets is the writing retreat the founders, Kerry Savage and Samantha Skal, wanted to attend, so we decided to make it happen. It’s taking place in the most haunted hotel in America (!!), the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA.

There will be fun. There will be cussing. There will be new writer-friends made. There will be lots and lots of story problem solving. There will be relaxing around a fellow bunch of weirdos who love murder books as much as we do. And it will be totally inclusive (i.e. LGTBQIA+ friendly, believers of Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights are Human Rights, Science is Real, and Love is Love.)

With a focus on brainstorming solutions instead of rewriting from the ground up, the goal is for writers to walk away from this retreat with a completed, revised or planned-from-scratch outline - with three twists. Our exercises are designed to help writers get unblocked and on their way as they write forward. You'll also make a few new writer friends!

More details at this link - Shadows & Secrets Writing Retreat

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