Inward Light Retreat

two story historic brick building in New England seen from a distance

Inward Light Retreat

Open your heart and mind to your purpose. Find your inner light.


The 32M Center for Creative Work Retreat offers writers a private space and an inspiring environment in which to create or develop new work. Work/ living space is offered for a modest fee. Two private spaces: the East and West studios are available with views overlooking the river. A shared kitchen with refrigerator and stove, is available for residents. Residents will have the option of scheduled critiques, creative mentoring or river meditating with our in-house artists or by Zoom with our partner artists. 

The ART|WORK Retreat is a new program to provide writers extended time to focus on their art, craft, and community. The ART|WORK fellowship residency/Retreat combines living space and a private studio with the possibility of hands-on collaborative work for fellowship residents, rehabilitating an historic mill building on the banks of the Ashuelot River.

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 The 32M Center for Creative Work is an emerging arts community/space that has as one of its organizing principals the convergence of more than one art discipline—functioning both independently and in a collaborative overlap, under the same roof. 

Promoting an expansive, integrated dialogue between artists allows us to see the world differently and thus increase our creativity.

Week details

5 days 
Arrival: Monday 10 a.m.    
Departure: Saturday morning 10 a.m. for 5 day stay— 

Details on our website. See you soon.


Retreat Information

Retreat Date 06-24-2024
Retreat End Date 06-29-2024
Retreat Fee 325.-375.
Created By julia ferrari
Retreat Contact Person J Ferrari
Retreat Contact Information
Location 32M Center for Creative Work
Genres and Categories Creative Writing, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Memoir, Mystery, Novels, Poetry, Short Stories

Location Map