Shadows and Secrets Writing Retreat

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Shadows and Secrets is the writing retreat the founders, Kerry Savage and Samantha Skal, wanted to attend, so we decided to make it happen. It’s taking place in the most haunted hotel in America (!!), the Hawthorne Hotel. It’s in Salem, MA (a place Kerry knows well but Sam has never been to before and has been obsessed with since the original Hocus Pocus.) There will be fun. There will be cussing. There will be new writer-friends made. There will be lots and lots of story problem solving. There will be relaxing around a fellow bunch of weirdos who love murder books as much as we do. And it will be totally inclusive (i.e. LGTBQIA+ friendly, believers of Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights are Human Rights, Science is Real, and Love is Love.) 

With a focus on brainstorming solutions instead of rewriting from the ground up, the goal is for writers to walk away from this retreat with a completed, revised or planned-from-scratch outline - with three twists.

We'll be working on deep-dives into characters, twist brainstorming, and many other exercises designed to help writers get unblocked and on their way as they write forward. They'll also make a few new writer friends!

Retreat Information

Retreat Date 09-25-2024
Retreat End Date 09-29-2024
Retreat Fee $4,500.00
Created By Kerry Savage
Retreat Contact Person Kerry Savage and Samantha Skal
Retreat Contact Information
Location Salem retreat
Genres and Categories Thriller/Suspense, Mystery, Novels

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