Rekindle Creativity Women's Writing Retreat in Muskoka

In the background, a woman sits by a window in her comfy socks with a book. The retreat name and dates are shown on top of the image.

Are you . . .

  • trying to find quality time to write your book but life keeps getting in the way?

  • losing clarity, focus or mojo on your project?

  • looking for a way to light a fire in your soul and rekindle your passion and purpose?

Book time away from your busy life to rekindle your passion for writing and move more clearly towards your book goal. Whether your manuscript is in progress, ready for revisions, or just an idea that needs time to percolate, you can come to the retreat to reclaim and nourish your inner creativity--the part of you that is yearning for attention, but has been neglected while you've taken care of everything else. You can choose to put yourself first and start the new year with a renewed focus on your inner creative spirit and your writing goals.

 Benefit from:

  • Supported time to work on your manuscript
  • A one-on-one coaching session with a certified book coach (Dinah or Liisa)

  • Group coaching sessions focused on writing

  • Feedback and encouragement from group members who identify with your struggles

  • Planning time to identify your next steps to move your project forward

  • A supportive community and a chance to talk about your book with like-minded peers

You can also connect with other like-minded creative women wherever it suits you best -- in the local indie bookstore, around the dinner table, or even on a skating path that winds its way through the woodsYou will leave the retreat with a renewed sense of creativity and a revitalized action plan to move your manuscript forward. Come with us! Re-awaken the glowing embers of your creative self. Celebrate the creative process and the writer that you are.


Day 1
Welcome dinner
Meet and greet

Days 2 & 3

Morning mindset session
Writing time
Group activity
Craft discussion
Individual writing consultations

Day 4
Morning mindset session
Writing time
Sharing & goal-setting 

You can view the full schedule on the Rekindle Creativity website and read about your hosts, Liisa Kovala and Dinah Laprairie, both trained and certified coaches who are offering 1:1 coaching sessions to all participants during the retreat.

Come join this wintry escape and get cozy with your book. Imagine how it will feel to know you made progress so early in 2024!

Registration fee is $995. Early bird registrants get $100 off the registration fee for booking before November 8.

Special hotel rates are available from the resort. (And did we mention there is a ski hill right next door? Book time on the slopes while you're in town!)


Retreat Information

Retreat Date 01-16-2024
Retreat End Date 01-19-2024
Retreat Fee $995.00
Created By Dinah Laprairie
Retreat Contact Person Dinah Laprairie & Liisa Kovala
Retreat Contact Information
Location Hidden Valley Resort
Genres and Categories Women only, Fiction, Memoir, Nonfiction, Novels

Location Map