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Discovery Writing Retreat Ireland

Practical workshops on the art of travel writing plus a special focus on travel photography, a combination often required by magazine, newspaper and travel website editors. The course also includes excursions to places of special interest, both historical and cultural and invited speakers in diverse tourism sectors. This course is suitable for those who love travel and enjoy writing account of their adventures for family and friends; who already host their own travel blog and want to improve its quality and reach; those interested in launching their own travel blogs; and those who would like to write articles for travel outlets or expand their existing portfolio. 

Retreat Date 05-20-2024
Retreat End Date 05-26-2024
Retreat Fee 2,250 Euro
Created By Columbia Hillen
Retreat Contact Person Columbia Hillen
Retreat Contact Information
Location Ireland Writing Retreat
Genres and Categories Creative Nonfiction, Creative Writing, Workshops