Fireside Writing Retreat

A candle whose flame is a woman, representing the Dreamers Fireside Writing Retreat; includes details of the 2023 Fireside Writing Retreat at the Dreamers Writing Farm

Join us at the Dreamers Writing Farm for a Dreamers writing retreat focused on writing to heal…

Over the past several decades, research into writing as a healing practice has shown that writing is good for our mental and physical health. People who routinely “write to heal” experience increased confidence, a sense of calm, and a deeper appreciation for the life they’ve lived.

During this fireside writing retreat, participate in a series of writing prompts designed to explore themes connected to your lived experience. Using creative non-fiction and fiction, poetry and journaling, you will:

  • Learn techniques for re-storying self
  • Explore approaches to expressive writing
  • Investigate the “transformation through writing model”
  • Share your writing at our fireside reading circle (always optional)

Do you want to learn how to reflect inward and unlock what you keep hidden, even from yourself? Find out how expressive writing leads to deeper self-acceptance and healing.

*Healing writing can help you find your authentic writing voice, making you both a healthier person and a better writer.

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Join us for the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend for a 3 day writing retreat focused on Writing to Heal. This is an all inclusive retreat - workshops, food, and accommodation are all included in the registration fee.

The Dreamers Writing Farm is located in Hepworth, in the Town of South Bruce. We are 10 minutes from Sauble Beach, 7 minutes from Wiarton, and 30 minutes from Lion’s Head.

Sauble Beach is one of the longest freshwater beaches in Canada. Wiarton is famous for Wiarton Willy, the weather predicting groundhog. Lion’s Head is known for it’s hike to the top of the rockface known as the Lion’s Head.

Our property is 3 acres, 50% woods and 50% lawns and gardens. We have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats who are hand-tamed and LOVE attention. There’s also a beautiful hidden garden in the woods called the Secret Garden. Everything here is literary. Our goats are “The Brothers Grimm,” and each of our accommodations is named after a Canadian author. There are many other hidden literary gems on our property…

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Retreat Information

Retreat Date 10-06-2023
Retreat End Date 10-09-2023
Retreat Fee All inclusive, starting at $1071
Created By Kat McNichol
Retreat Contact Person Kat McNichol
Retreat Contact Information
Location Dreamers Writing Farm
Genres and Categories Workshops

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