Phyllis Biffle Elmore Writing Retreat

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Phyllis’ writing retreat is for writers of all genres who want to dive into a deeper relationship with their writing in a nurturing group dynamic.

We will spend three glorious hours each morning discussing and discovering the following: roadblocks, hinderances and/or the brick wall that prevent you from developing as a writer, purpose, voice, and style, inward-looking vs action oriented, pacing and flow, and writing as a form of healing.

We will also examine why your story is your story, what makes your story your own, and why you are the only one who can write it. 

Retreat Information

Retreat Date 09-28-2025
Retreat End Date 10-04-2025
Retreat Fee Application required
Created By Foreword Retreats
Retreat Contact Person Carol Johnson
Retreat Contact Information
Location Arcachon
Genres and Categories Workshops, Children's books, Creative Nonfiction, Creative Writing, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Nonfiction, Novels, Poetry, Thriller/Suspense

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