In this Bonus episode, I share the three things you need to build your audience with an email list so you can communicate directly with them about your writing retreat and other offers.

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I've been in the online business world for over a decade and know from my and others' experiences that an email list is the best way to grow, nurture, and communicate with your audience. Here's why:

  1. Someone who's opted in to get your emails is actively seeking the information your provide.
  2. Social media posts aren't guaranteed to be seen. A lot of likes and shares doesn't mean it's being seen by the people you're trying to attract.
  3. Email allows you to get all the information in one place, making it easier for people to find it later.
  4. You own and control your email list. With social media you're at the mercy of algotrithms and corporate decisions. Your hundreds or thousands of followers could go away in an instant.

In this episode I share how to get started buidling an email list, from finding an email service provider to creating a form to collecting email addresses, and finish with ideas for creating your lead magnet.

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You can check these out to see if they're a good fit or investigate Email List Building programs on your own to find one that appeals to you and your current needs.

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