Episode 6 of Your Writing Retreat Connection is the first solo episode where I talk about planning writing retreats.  Follow or subscribe to Your Writing Retreat Connection on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. Note that episodes are usually on Apple and Spotify right away, but take awhile to populate on Google.

Since I started the Writing Retreat Directory, many people have emailed me and DM’d me on Instagram looking for information on planning a writing retreat because there’s not much out there on the steps to take to plan and host a successful one.

It’s kind of amazing actually how little comprehensive information is out there. Most people are winging it, asking other retreat hosts, or picking up tips and advice from a variety of blog posts. Since I’ve planned and hosted small in person events before and am a systems and process fanatic, I realized I could be a guide for people who want to host writing retreats.

I have a really short series on Instagram to help you get started. Go to Writing Retreat Directory on Instagram and look for the pinned post Part One, How to Plan a Writing Retreat Series. You can also search for the hashtag #planwritingretreatseries on Instagram to see all of the posts.

Now, I’m taking those short posts and expanding on them for my solo episodes of this podcast. In this first one, I talked about setting a good foundation before you start planning a writing retreat, which include your mindset and some prep work.

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