Between interviewing book coaches who have hosted writing retreats and those who have added their retreats to the Writing Retreat Directory, I’ve seen how many book coaches are using writing retreats as part of their business. So I thought this would be a good topic to explore more.

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Coaching a writer in person is different than coaching over email or even over Zoom. It’s just a different vibe when you’re sitting together while going through a writer’s manuscript or even walking while talking about their story. Even if you can’t really put your finger on it, in person collaboration feels more creative.

And, unlike a 30 or 60 minute zoom call, you’ll make a deeper connection with clients who attend your retreat since you’re there with them 24/7 in a more intimate environment. You won’t just get to know them as writers, but as people, too.

An in person writing retreat is also an opportunity to really show writers how you can help them, which may lead to them choosing to continue to work with you after the retreat is over, if they’re not already. If they are working with you, this could cement for them that this was a good choice.

Also, if priced well, writing retreats can be an additional revenue source.

Most of the book coaches I’ve talked to are Author Accelerator Certified,so if you’re thinking of becoming a book coach, I’ve put a link below to their program so you can check it out. I mention this program because so many of their certified book coaches have added their retreats to the Writing Retreat Directory and have been guests on this show to talk about their retreats. I'm in no way affiliated with them or receive anything from talking about them.

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